Friday, April 2, 2010

The Notice Put on Saverel Walls Aroung Camp 3, Tibetan Settlement Mundgod

Since couple of months, there have been many similar activities putting notices outside the shops and restaurants around the camp 3, Tibetan Settlement Mundgod. I should not describe in detail what has been mentioned in these letters as these are most noticeable that what the allegation would be like.... so I have tried to translate them into English which I am not that good so hopefully it will be a comprehensive one...

1)To Devotees of AvalokiteĊ›vara,

In camo no. 3, near the mustachioed Amdo's restaurant, a shop owned by a family of camp 4, they are Shugden worshipers thus, you all are strongly recommended not walk in or buy anything from this shop.

by the group of enemy defeater-

2) To the Ministry of Security of Exile Government,

Sonam Dolma wife of Lobsang Choejor and Kalsang Dorje in Tibetan Camp No. 4 have been facing various problem since they were alleged as a Shugden worshipers. Later they have taken oath in front of red and black protectors with presence of all the people in community hall of camp no 4. We (representative office) have received a confirmation letter from the leaders of camp 4 that the oath taking session has done compulsorily before all the people and protectors.

From The Representative Office of Mundgod on dated: 2nd, February 2010