Wednesday, March 3, 2010

He is now 20 Yrs old !

Beijing- China's controversial choice as the second highest Tibetan Buddhist leader has been named to a parliamentary advisory body, amid an apparent push by Beijing to promote his legitimacy. The naming of 20 years old Gyaincain Norbu to the body followed news last month that he had been elected vice-president of the Nation's Buddhist Association. Gyaincain Norbu was enthroned by China as the 11th Panchen Lama in 1995 ceremony oversen by the communist party, which had rejected a boy selected by the Dalai lama, Tibet's Exiled Spiritual leader. He has now been named as a delegate to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)-a body that advices the National People's Congress (NPC) ......................

excerpt from- The Straits Times (Singapore)



  2. I hope we have learned to ask nor give any quarter in a Court Of Law.
    There is only One Way to Win in the Courts of New Delhi and that is to hit them with everything we have. As you say, Each one of us must take the Stand and Bear Witness Against the Dalia and his sidekick, Sam_Dung.
    I see Legions of Saffron Robes Filling the Court Room to Bring Down the Tyrant.
    United We Stand and Divided We Fall!
    I know we will Win and Defend Our Bill OF Rights! Our Freedoms! Our Liberty! Our Integrity! We Each Must Stand With One Another. An attack on one is an attack on all of us!
    ""There is no question of win - lose here. The dismissal of the case is disappointing. On the other hand, this experience has given us a second chance to approach it in a better and more efficient way. Moreover, it also implies that collaboration and fraternity are priorities. Also, our lawyer said that the Society can file a Suit and individuals who are affected can file individual Petitions. The society tried its best according to its ability. Of course the society is poorly funded. But this is not end of our struggle for religious freedom, human dignity and equality, since our cause is just. And it goes without saying that those who walk on the path of truth often face challenges. Despite hindrances we ought to make effort that no one live through the deprivation of their basic rights, and pledge to promote love, compassion and tolerance in lieu of merely preaching them."

  3. A Pair of Ravens live High Up in the Tall Spruce Outside My Upstairs Window.
    Three Hatchilings make the Small Raven Sounds
    All Morning until the Evening Dusk
    Papi Raven and I talk back and forth
    On and Off All Day
    He Sometimes Unexpectedly Swoops Down
    Tiltling His Wing Tip
    He Touches My Hair
    He Uses Soft Sounds and Unspoken Words
    He Call Me By My Name In Raven
    Sounds Like a Gurggling Water Fountain
    Ravens See Into The Mist
    Ravens Are Sleek and Black
    Ravens are Strong!
    The Raven Is In the Moment
    It is Good to Have a Friend!

  4. As the great Buddhist Master Shantideva says in his masterpiece Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life:

    If we harm a child,
    There is no way to please its mother.
    In the same way, if we harm any living being,
    There is no way to please the compassionate Buddhas. (Chapter 6, verse 123)

    In this light, the Dalai Lama’s actions are not only non-Buddhist, they are not worthy of anyone who claims to be a spiritual practitioner of any religious tradition. All religions teach love, compassion and tolerance. This is what the Dalai Lama teaches with his mouth when he flies all over the world, receiving the respect and adulation of others – but what he teaches with his example is division and sectarian hatred. How shameful! As the Western Shugden Society says, he is cheating other people’s faith.

    It’s time the Tibetan people woke up and saw the deceiver in their midst who hypocritically preaches love and compassion whilst doing exactly the opposite.

  5. We are " Watchers For The Dawn"_
    Like the Spiirts before us, we hunger for Light. Huddled close to the Fires we burn, and the Shawdows that move, through the mist of the night, speak the lessons we all have to learn,So we wait and we watch for the Dawn's Golden Glow and the Wind Sings a Dream in it's sigh. And below us is slumber and over our heads a million Stars cover the Sky.
    We are Watchers For The Dawn Waiting for the Light's Rebirth!
    Watching till the Night Is Gone, Where the Heavens's Silent Skies Meet The Earth.
    In the Night Sweetest Dream, is a Vision of Light and the Earth and the Sky become One and the Souls purest wish speaks it name once aloud and the sound shines as bright as the Sun. A Wise Man once said,that the Magic within a song sung from the depths of the soul could make the Earth spin like a ball in one's hand, let it turn and return to us whole.
    We are Watcher For the Dawn..........
    Lost from our sight, in the darkness of the night is a promise that comes only with the Dawn. When we Arise, we will meet each others eyes and regain what was never really gone.
    Stay by my side and within each others light, we can rest when the journey seems so long and if we should dream and believe what we have seen, then our vision will surely make us One of the Watchers for the Dawn waiting for the light's rebirth watching until the night is gone where the Heaven's Silent Skies Meet The Earth.

  6. Raven Hatchlings Hop From Branch to Tree
    Gripping with Talons
    They Squawk and Squeeze
    Papi circles the Tall Trees
    Until They are Safe Again in the Nest
    A Storm Approaches
    The Sky is Inky Black
    With Hope of Pacific Rain Showers
    The Hatchlings as We Are Secure In Their Nest
    Until Tomorrow or the Next Day
    They Will Take Flight
    As We Will Fight
    To Preserve the Pure Pristine Teachings of Lord Je T' Song Khapa
    The Lineage That Comes Directly From Lord Buddha
    I Know That Ravens Are Strong. Courageous, Intelligent, Sensitive,Curious Beings
    Always Dressed In Their Best
    As All Of You Don the Protection of the Supreme Dharma Protector,
    Shri Dorje Shugden!
    His Devoted Are Protected With Great Bliss
    There Is Nothing to Fear

  7. China's Allies include the United States of America,England,France,Germa ny,
    Austria,Switzerland,Japan and on and on. So why does this made up group of disenfrachised old slaver in Dharmasala think they are calling Shugden People Communist and soforth.
    Is ignorance personified.
    This Bag of Rag incites violence and division everywhere he travels. He is a Coward and will not face me or my Comrades in arms face to face. This make him a hypocrite and a liar. This Dalia has no more courage than a field mouse. He has been coddled and pampered so long, I doubt he can change his underwear by himself.
    This Hypocrite insults my Country with his lies and he challenges me personally by incitng hatred against my Brothers and Sisters who suffer due to his callousness and hatred he spread throughout his domain.
    This Lama Is Fearful of Me and My Comrades. Because we are determined to see him fall into the bucket of excrement, he himself created.
    He Fears being exposed for what he is and what he has wrought upon others.Especially, his own blood. The Tibetans!

    I once had a man named Tagster,
    Beg me for Land
    Without Land, we are nothing,
    he lamented.
    So, I gave him a 115 acres to Preserve his Culture in 1978.
    Later, his brother a Beggar from Lhasa came and turned out to be a Charlatan. He takes and leaves nothing behind. His name is Blackness and he intends to do harm.
    I regret giving to these Beggars from Tagster even the time of day. I should have seen this hustle coming long before I did.
    Better late than never.
    Now, we must put this to rest.
    He has gone to far and as a rabid animal is a danger to the naive.
    They are nothing but former Slave Owners and Serfs and deceive their own people upto this day.
    He came from nothing and we lifted him up.
    All he gives in return is grief,lies and Black Magic!